Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MADE e-course giveaway!

by the amazing Anna K. Pasquale! <3

I haven't written on this blog for many months. In fact, I deleted the other couple of posts that I did. I just didn't feel people would bother with it considering there are SO many AMAZING other blogs out there in the blogosphere. Plus, I was really reluctant to blog about anything too personal.

But then this course came along and I thought maybe this was my opportunity to resurrect "Aussiemaven" and use it for something great - art therapy.

Kicking off the first post is an announcement about a fantastic art course giveaway - "MADE".This course is the brainchild of Beth Morey, a beautifully gifted artist and blogger. She has gathered together a gorgeous team of brilliant and talented artists, including my lovely friend Kelly Watts, to bring to the artistic public a course compiling many different facets of the arts. From painting to journaling, doodling to photography, this course has it all, delivered over four months.

But there's one big difference. MADE celebrates art through a Christian point-of-view, encouraging our walks with God to be bolder and more fulfilled. What more could you want!

Not only has Beth given us the opportunity to be involved in such artistic goodness but right now she is also having a giveaway for 3 spots up for grabs to the course on her blog! Click here to find to go to Beth's blog and find out more.

I truly believe art can provide one of the best therapeutic benefits to the body, mind and soul. And I don't mind if I'm the only one that reads this blog - it will just be great to have one place to document my "therapy"!
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